Cryptogenic organizing pneumonia – a rare lung condition

Adriana Grigoras, Laura Knieling, Diana Iliescu Bulgaru


Cryptogenic organizing pneumonia is characterized by excessive proliferation of granulation tissue within small airways and alveolar ducts associated with chronic inflammation in the surrounding alveoli. Complete resolution occurs in 65-85% of patients treated with corticosteroid therapy, and recurrence is not uncommon. Within this context, we present the case of a 60 year-old men who died in same day after admission in hospital. Standard microscopy of necroptic specimens revealed edema, vascular congestion, interstitial lung fibrosis, buds of endoalveolar connective tissue and an inflammatory infiltrate in bronchiolar wall. The histopathological examination provides a better understanding of clinical symptoms that lead to dead in this case.


cryptogenic organizing pneumonia, BOOP, autopsy

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